Why Are Brush Tip Pens More Popular Than Regular Watercolor Pens?

Why Are Brush Tip Pens More Popular Than Regular Watercolor Pens?

  In recent years, more types of pens for calligraphy and other artistic creations are on the market. However, the statistics show that the Brush Tip Pen is a popular one in the numerous pen choice, and this trend is still growing.

  1. What is the Brush Tip Pen?

The Brush Tip Pen is a writing and drawing tool with a tip similar shape to the watercolor pen. However, unlike the watercolor pen, the nibs of the Brush Tip Pen are made of different materials such as sable, weasel hair, or other animal hair (following the concept of environmental sustainability, they are all natural shedding of animal hair). Diverse kind of tip material leads to more shopping choices, increased user scenarios, and higher consumer demands for the brush tip pen.

  1. Advantages of Brush Tip Pen Compared to General Watercolor Brushes

2.1 Various Sizes of Nibs

When the nibs of the watercolor pen are mostly produced in a uniform size, the brush tip pens’ nibs are offered in different sizes. When you're picking out a Brush Tip Pen, you'll see the tips in diverse lengths and widths which are usually marked as broad or fine. The broad nib is perfect for bold strokes. The fine nibs are great for small details and smaller applications or combinations (i.e. a long, soft nib can handle lines of various widths, while a short, stiff nib only handles thin, narrow lines).

2.2 The Elasticity of the Nib

Compared to the hard and inflexible nib of a regular watercolor pen, the nib of the Brush Tip Pen has good elasticity. By applying different pressures to the tip, the bristles of the tip will spread out and reshape the brush tip which produces varying coloring areas. More importantly, while retracting the force, the nib will quickly snap back to its original shape, which also means unlimited creative possibilities for the user.

2.3 Differences in Ink Properties

The color of the watercolor pen is bright and saturated with low plasticity. However, the Brush Tip Pen’s ink is water-soluble with more flexible usingscenarios. You can apply different degrees of pressure to its flexible tip according to your different needs. You will be surprised to find the difference in color shades with various pressure. This also makes it possible to use techniques such as layering, washing, gradients, dilution, etc. in calligraphy and drawing. Moreover, the ink of brush tip pendries quickly, so you don't have to worry about ink bleeding or making your hands dirty.

2.4 Diverse Application Scenarios

You may think that watercolor pens will bring a lot of help to your creation. Nevertheless, you are completely underestimating the Brush Tip Pen. The brush pen is a magic wand for your drawing creations such as dairy-writing, greeting card decoration and hand-lettering. It’s also a best companion for your handicrafts, and the ideal tool for your unconventional calligraphy.

  1. Conclusion

If you are still looking for a multi-purpose, cost-effective tool pen that can surprise you, then the Brush Tip Pen will be your best choice. For working, studying, calligraphy and drawing, it will perform brilliantly. Believe that it will make your best buddy.

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